Thursday, August 4, 2011, fine science work for 911Truth. WTC destroyed by new Directed Energy Weapons?

via Please take a look, judge for yourself.

Nothing can be excluded, everything needs to be looked at.

No need for false acrimony with the rest of 911Truth researchers, from either side. We all strive to uncover the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Known facts:
1. Official WTC 911 collapses explanation is a manifest lie, physical impossibility.

2. Nanothermite explosives were used, which indicate the fact that this was controlled demolition, therefore an inside false flag operation, since high tech military explosives needed to be set throughout the buildings.

3. Nothing above that is neither excluded, nor confirmed. Such as Dr. Wood meticulously researched scientific claim about DEW Directed Energy Weapons.

Or any kind of some new electro magnetic pulse gun EMP weapons....

There is a lot of unexplained, highly unusual aspects about 911 WTC destruction. It could be Enhanced Controlled Demolition.

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