Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Explosive 9/11 Documentary. Comment: Difficulties to even approach 911Truth issue.

Indeed, the issue is very difficult to address. It is also very complex, very serious with potentially very vast consequences.

We are talking US or world wide revolution.

Also a reason general population is not willing to take up, much less to consider and evaluate the issue of 911Truth controlled demolition, is that it has - seemingly - nothing to gain and everything to loose ..

Starting with everybody's face ...

Realization, admission and understanding what 911 really factually is - inside false flag operation - implies an admission 'i have been fooled, taken for a ride' in a most egregious, serious way, by my own government, by my own country. .....

While other nations went through this experience, America is still innocent regarding this act, in an official way.

All these extremes - making the issue psychologically and even intellectually of difficult and monstrous proportions - were undoubtedly counted on when this terror attack plan series was hatched and executed.

For somebody had to set high tech explosives throughout 3 building. And lets mention Oklahoma and London, because you shall be surprised not once on this path to rediscover the truth.

Who was it who wouldn't mind using - for Let it and Make it happen spectacularly criminal 911 false flag controlled demolition - half hapless incensed Arab armed resistence plotting about attacks on America as a revenge for US war complex massively assaulting, crushing exterminating and humilitating Arab Iraq?

Was it world ruling elite war oil mafia again?

How dare you to think you can take on America like this?? 

Every single American will crush your dreams of attacking America or using America for your war games.

**** Lets make America a special, unique and respected nation again. ****

The time is now.


**** Speak up America for you are that special nation! ****

**** The nation who built green meadows and beautiful mountains and lakes and canyons into the most powerful country in the world - growing pains and missteps notwithstanding - in the span of three short generations.

And why do you think that is case? Because of your hard work, the spirit of Freedom, Justice and Peace ..as much as possible.

I do know, nothing is perfect in this world. So lets keep fixing the trouble spots.

The time is now.
The voice is yours.
The choice is yours.
And the girls and the boys is yours, too.
So do me a favor or two,
and speak up of what you've come to know. ....

Resist the vicious plot,
or will you go with the flow,
and pray to your gods that they love you,
but they will not.

Or have you lost mind of yours. Then you do not deserve to be American anymore.

See how nuanced and difficult, politically intricate ubercomplex this issue can become:
Is it a good defense to have a bloody false flag blow first, then crush your enemies?
No. Not with 911. Not probably ever.

Because it was on American soil, frankly speaking, and it involved civilian casualties.
Also because the wars 911 is pretext for are NOT JUST.

America does not need militarily conquered colonies, and Israel should and can defend their dispute with Arab countries other way than militarily smashing the whole region apart in way resembling genocide on many counts.

So there you have it.

So dont tell me later I did not tell you now.

Petr Buben

Make peace, not false flag inside operations!


And if you afraid to speak the truth then you are ....... , nothing American.
And if you seek money on your mind rather than truth, then well see the point above.

"Rather than money, rather than love, rather than fame, give me the Truth!"
Thomas Jefferson

For that love, that fame and that money shall follow your act of respect and protection and reverence of the Truth.
Petr Buben

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