Friday, February 15, 2013

2013-02-15 Russia Meteor. 10-50 tons of mass

Monday, February 11, 2013

HAARP EMP lightning strike on Vatican St Peter's Basilica hours after Pope suddenly resigned. Weather control, hurricanes, earthquake remotely triggered.

A sign from God? Lighting strikes the basilica of St.Peter's dome earlier this evening during a storm that struck Rome on the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation

too many monstrous storms, and proven ability to drive storms and the weather.
and 911 is controlled demolition inside conspiracy. still uncovered.
that's why.
anything is possible now.

you get the picture if you want

Pope Benedict XVI resigns: First Pontiff in 600 years to stand down because he 'no longer has strength to carry on' | Mail Online

Sunday, January 6, 2013

DHS buying 1 billion illegal hollow bullets - with your tax money. 3 bullets for each of us. What will this be for?

Last March we found 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition slated for delivery to the Department of Homeland Service and its agencies.

Weeks later we found an additional request for 750 million rounds. The news wasn't reported much, though the order forms are still floating around.

It's not as demand for ammunition by the DHS is terribly new. Manufacturer Winchester posted an award to its site in 2009 agreeing to deliver 200 million rounds for the agency over five years.

But if that's accurate it's an additional order that's still coming in on top of the others.

Major General Jerry Curry, (Ret) offered up a good point when the 750 million order became public last fall saying that number of bullets was more than 10 times what U.S. troops used in a full year of Iraqi combat.

Now that a new Department of Homeland Security order for another 200,000 hollow points has been placed, we're curious to see what happens to that much ammunition in 12 months.

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dhs creation was justified by 911 inside conspiracy controlled demolition
quite a good business

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Tiny Gizmo A Very Big Deal In 2013 And Beyond? 3D user interface. No keyboard or mouse. Finger Gestures.


You just move your fingers in the air, and, as if by magic, with zero latency and pinpoint accuracy, stuff happens on your screen.

You don’t use a keyboard and mouse; you don’t even use a touch screen.

Hillary Clinton Cell Phone Cancer? Behind right ear. She is right-handed.

Hillary is battling a brain cancer, and new episode of blood clot lodged in vein on her brain, beneath the skull.

cell phones: children especially are in danger. DO NOT USE TOO LONG.
Use speakerphone, or wired or wireless ear piece.

Just as cars, cell phones help, but they can kill too.


48 Millionaires on the 4 Flights of 9/11 and STILL counting! - New Identity Program? Let's Roll Forums

Was there a New Identity Program, which was being sold to rich people who were part of the syndicate, who then played the role of 9/11 Passengers?

48 Millionaires on the 4 Flights of 9/11 and STILL counting! - Let's Roll Forums

Average of 2 Children Shot to Death in U.S. Every Week (not including Accidents) - AllGov - News

time for new gun safety laws.
bravo Senator Feinstein

Top Stories - Average of 2 Children Shot to Death in U.S. Every Week (not including Accidents) - AllGov - News

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  • The big divide, seminal event in 9/11 Truth Movement - Dr. Jones, Prof Harrit et al. - 9/11 Nanothermite Controlled Demolition Study of 2009 Paper. Original. The game is over. We need polygraph questioning.