Sunday, August 7, 2011

EMP Threat. ElectroMagnetic Pulse. Single Nuclear Weapon Detonated Above Destroys All Electronics of Vast Area Bellow.


Single nuclear charge will send the area the size of USA 200 years back. Nothing electronic made since 1970ties will work.

No human casualties immediately. But all industry, tv, radio, computers, internet, hospitals, factories, transportation, lights, communications. phones, all that will not work anymore, causing many death later on.

"Three to five nuclear bombs of any size, launched into space on satellites and detonated above the U.S., Europe and Asia would send Western Civilization back to the 19th century."

Jerusalem Post article published in Iran's security journal Nashriyeh-e Siasi Nezami in 1999 identified an EMP attack as a way to defeat the U.S. as a military power and as a state."

It is also worth noting that a nuclear weapon detonated 180 miles above the United States would generate an EMP pulse that experts say would instantly plunge half the country into the technological 1800s.

An EMP attack by Iran on Israel, the U.S. and EU would overnight send the most technically developed nations on earth back to the middle of the 19th century.

All our electrical grids would be destroyed.
There would be no communications by satellite, TV, radios, telephones; no transportation as we know it, no water, no fuel, no electricity, no food, no stoves, no heat, no air-conditioning, no functioning hospitals, no elevators, no law and order, no computers, no banks, very little work force.

In addition, there would be very few military weapons systems that would work.

>>> it is very wrong to start wars, to invade foreign countries, to kill in order to gain advantages for one self, just as West is doing to Arab countries now, 1991 - 2011 and on.

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