Friday, October 14, 2011

Rat receives functioning artificial cerebellum. Artificial human brain possible within ten years

Scientists have successfully replaced a rat's cerebellum with a chip programmed to perform the same functions

we have seen examples of artificial synapses and neural networks

In the latest step towards man-made brains, however, scientists from Israel's Tel Aviv University have restored brain function to a rat by replacing its disabled cerebellum with one that they created.

The team, led by Professor of Psychobiology Matti Mintz, started by analyzing the sensory input signals that came into a rat's biological cerebellum from its brain stem, and the response signals that it put out in return.

They were then able to replicate this signal-processing/transmitting function on a chip, which could be mounted outside the rat's skull and wired into its brain.

i still wonder how a tremendous computational capacity miracle of human brain can be matched, duplicated by an artificial one, especially one based on non-living electrical circuitry technology, as opposed on bio chemical one. Or, a hybrid one then.

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