Friday, January 28, 2011

Jon Gold Civil Disobedience at the White House for 9/11 Justice ‎ .. When Americans, freedom loving people, a proud nation, start chaining themselves to the White House fence, ruling elite better start listening.

‎9/11 Justice activist and researcher Jon Gold has announced his intention to chain himself to the White House fence this coming Monday, January 31. 9/11 Truth News asked Gold a few questions to find out more about the upcoming action.

  • Sandy Baldock
    I'm a bit concerned about this. I'm behind this message 10000%, but this type of behavior gives us all that "crazy" bad name. I'm not sure if this is a good idea....
    If there is any MSM coverage, it will be "nut job 9/11 truther does nut job thing" blah blah blah - talking head laughing after the video bite..
    I understand his frustration, just don't necessirarily agree with his methods.
    I do wish him the best of luck.

    5 hours ago ·

  • Petr Buben a brave gentleman, an American Hero. what exactly is Jon, one of 911Truth main activists, calling for? an independent investigation perhaps? .... if i remember well, Jon has some reservations to the fact that 911 is, and has been proven so, to be a controlled demolition ..... ...
    20 minutes ago ·

  • Petr Buben ‎@Sandy .. know what you saying, but in the end i see it as very positive, if Jon will get this in the news ... see people are not that stupid as official propaganda thinks ... this will be a benefit to the cause of 911Truth ..... we read here that Honorable Mr Lance wanted to do similar pow wow happening at the white house ..... see to tell the ruling elite - look, you are criminal, or involved in a criminal cover up, that is not so easy or a light matter .. not for the whole world

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