Wednesday, January 26, 2011

911 controlled demolition inside operation irrefutable scientific evidence midair pulverization

911 is all staged. it is a mix of let it happen and make it happen. ..why all this? because it is a controlled demolition therefore an inside job. ..

the hijackings were either coached, induced by Cia from a groups of Saudis. It even may have been as i suspect in London is - a group of people was told: look, we are doing an attack simulation, exercises .. please, pretend you are real terrorists for us. ...

New York attacks were all managed. why? because somebody set high tech charges throughout WTC. because steel skyscrapers evaporated pulverized midair.

also very complex issue will be who knew what and when? it is perfectly possible that top officials- never elected pres bush, knew "we need a war pretext, so, let them do attack, but no casualties" ... "we will let them do it, then we'l stop them if necessary" - says military/cia, maybe ... very few people knew how far this was to be taken - that explosive charges for spectacular wtc were set ... so, "we failed" - highest officials ..

but all this is JUST UNSPEAKABLE. nobody can even touch it. many Arabs will never understand they were just patsies, and many more might have been as well. ... when was the last time mr bush actually knew something? ....911 controlled demolition is a terribly divisive issue.
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