Saturday, July 16, 2011

Personalities 911Truth Movement, where do we stand, what do we know?


how about such paramounts as David Griffin, Prof Steven Jones, Richard Gage ...... one of these needs to be a future president of the USA ... i met them all in person :) .. i like to be where truth is, where history is being made ... that honest true American .... come on people lets make this happen !!

They are all credible researchers, Petr, although the litmus question which I would like to hear each of them categorically answer, is who do they now believe is/are the prime 9/11 suspect(s). Anyone who answers either * The U.S. Government, * G.W. Bush, * Dick Cheney, * CIA, * Military Industrial Complex, Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, etc, get an automatic Fail. Same with declining to answer. Nearly 10 years has passed now. The time for fence-sitting is long past.

We know exactly who it was who were setup across the Hudson, "celebrating" as they filmed the mass-murder of 3000 Americans. It was "The Five Dancing Israelis" (youtube v=tRfhUezbKLw), the ones who later conceded on Israeli TV: "Our purpose was to document the event." That admission alone equals foreknowledge. One has to wonder if that was their only "purpose".

There are many other threads of evidence that would seem to point towards Israel and its travelling band of killers - The Mossad. The majority of serious 9/11 researchers now agree on that point. Of course anyone is entitled to disagree, but the obvious follow-up question is then "Why?" On their answer rests their credibility.

Very interesting words. well let me reply like this: its too early to demand a categorical definitive answer as to who did it, or who is suspect /that can be many/ ...

and indeed this science wing guys i was mentionig will answer like that - WE DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE. i think thats good. they are scientist, and will "only" vouch and work with verifiable verified facts - and in that, they brought a tredemendous critical contribution in a IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of controled demolition ............

further i do think this is THE ONLY fact we have.. all else, who is involved, participated, how .. that we dont know, or not exactly, and may possibly never know. .. people who might know just dont exist .. take Ariel Sharon, unexpected hospital brain episode, comatose ....

so .. to conclude, i think we need to appreciate the scientists work .... if israeli service is involved, maybe per Dr Sabrosky, i still think US group was taking a lead role. ...

highy compartmentalized knowledge ......

i really would like to know who sincerely knew the full extent of this false flag, and when ..

only the lie detector might help with this

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