Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wars, armies, aggression, violence are best testaments that men evolved from animals. This evolution critically has not progressed far enough today.

Tokyo War Crimes indictment against George W. Bush - International Criminal Tribunal for more

  • looks like the prevailing law now is becoming that one of a rule of jungle .... the strongest army - therefore, nuclear, will prevail or kill off any and all of its enemies ... this is what they reduced the world today to .. why? ... because they can .... why? ... because the balance of power in the world has been disturbed or destroyed ... how you ask ... Soviet Union no longer opposed the magnum follies of US oil military complex. ....... yet, so, the world, the people, the peace NEED a balance of power so much.
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  • Petr Buben Nuremberg trials will have become New York trials ... believe me .... the question is, when, and ... how will we be dressed? .. in a moose skin, with tools of stone instead of facebook? .... a dress complete with a Lance hat of marvel Lance is stupefying is us alll with?

9/11 Controlled Demolition important links

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  • The big divide, seminal event in 9/11 Truth Movement - Dr. Jones, Prof Harrit et al. - 9/11 Nanothermite Controlled Demolition Study of 2009 Paper. Original. The game is over. We need polygraph questioning.