Friday, February 11, 2011

WTC Nuclear Demolition? Not really. Ground explosions were only part of controlled demolition inside job

911 Truth: smoldering hot for month - very interesting. its a fact. explosions, a fact. but "thermo nuclear explosions demolished WTCs"? that i believe is not true, its an error. a fairy tale, if you will. ...

Ground explosions were part of destruction, yes, but that was done by expertly set controlled demolition charges throughout the building. These are proven facts.

SO, Bin Ladin placing nuclear suitcases under the towers? NOT
really. So, it is a wrong conclusion by Chalezov to say - demolition, nuclear, but no inside job.

And Larry might not know practically nothing. This type of top world secret operations, i would not expect NOBODY living to know anything meaningful.

It is the high tech true pro master intelligence security war strategy operation. ..Absolutely top unmatched quality and skill.
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