Thursday, November 19, 2009

9/11 controlled demolition comment slipped by on HuffingtonPost

would you care to state some fact supporting yours, and government theory, that 2 airplanes and office fires brought down 3 WTC towers, with a speed close to a free fall (!), in 10-13 seconds. 110 floors per second PULVERIZED, imploded. Molten steel found on the site.

Nanothermite high explosive found on the site. Implosions and collapse was in perfectly uniform manner, for all three towers.

NOT POSSIBLE other than controlled demolition - masterpiece.

And today, we also have IRREFUTABLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE about controlled demolition inside job.

Secret elements, domestic and foreign, let the attacks happen, and made it happen good. Without inside role, attacks could have NEVER happened. See - there is Air Force with jets ready to defend - but that day they did not.

Who did it, and exactly how? We need independent investigation. - -

I know the issue is very hard, psychologically, but we need to stand up for truth. Or bad, or worse things, will happen again.

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