Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bush-Cheney official version, official explanation, public perception

A couple of thoughts on your interesting text, Howard.
The term "Bush-Cheney theory" .. I have never heard it before. I'm not sure if it is the most exact or efficient term. ...

How about "public perception of events", or "publicly accepted version of events" ...... "is patently wrong, by now per irrefutable scientific evidence".

  • The official scientific technical explanation of events was irrefutably disproved, April 09, Harrit, Jones, Ryan, and was never credibly and factually explained or documented again.
    In the case of building WTC-7, sudden implosive collapse, official explanation is and always was nonexistent, just as public perception that fire inside the building caused the collapse event.

  • Since April of 2009, there exists the definitive, conclusive scientific evidence, that "public perception of events" and "official explanation" are both completely and factually false and wrong.

Accepted public perception being "A group of Saudi religious terrorists flew 2 hijacked airliners into WTC-1 WTC-2, causing their sudden implosion and pulverazition, flew an airliner into Pentagon, causing damage to the building, and finally another hijacked airliner crashed in Pennsylvania.

A private note
NOTHING, nothing from above, nothing that is being currently "publicly officially perceived" or "publicly officially accepted", or "officially explained", is true...... Nothing.

It is that known 9/11 domino effect notion - that if one single piece of chain of events is proven false, the whole, complete event explanation collapses, and EVERYTHING becomes false, prepared operation. And that is what it really is.

This is the logical conclusion.

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Unless all the highest relevant officials of the time are conclusively questioned under the polygraph lie detector, we will NEVER know what really happened.

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